Pocket God

At first I was an evil leader, I threw them to the sea and down the shaft of a volcano in hopes of an eruption that would wipe out the rest of my men. I even burnt them under a magnifying glass for fun. Stuff like this made me happy, I dropped them into the pits of the hell and made them run for their lives, but there was never an escape from there, they would learn it the hard way. I made some of them soar in the skies upon clouds, it was all fun and games until they fell to their death. I sometimes even fed them to the bird if I felt like it.

But soon I learnt of the other terrors that ventured in my worlds, and we became friends for a short time. We would fight Dinosaurs together, Ice Giants, Massive Spiders. We were heroes together, and stronger as friends. Our bond was thick and soon we were luring these demons out for the fun of destruction. They shouted my name in praise, we could never have overcome evil without the help of each other and I thank them for being there when needed.  But once we destroyed the monsters that dwell on my land. I went back to shooting them with my laser shark.

So I recently bought pocket god on the app store, was pretty fun.

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Custom Soundtrack: Tiny Wings

Do you happen to own the game Tiny wings on your iphone or ipod? Then try this out. Put on these songs while playing the game and see if you enjoy it. When I was a kid I never cared for in game music so I got used to making custom soundtracks to listen to while playing select games to match the mood and so on, this is me sharing a new one I just made. so far it’s only three songs but Tiny Wings is a short game so this run should be good for about four or five goes. I’ll update the list regularly and do soundtracks for other games if this goes down well with you lot.

Alex day - Holding on

james blunt - calling out your name

The sounds - No one sleeps when I’m awake

I’ve always been a big fan of the Gears of War campaign storylines, even to the extent that I bought the books. Holy crap were the books good. This is a pretty awesome trailer, the Beta didn’t get me too excited but this sure as hell did. Hope it ends nicely.

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ipod Touch

So yesterday my (amazing) girlfriend got an iphone 4, resulting in her seeing no point in owning her touch anymore. Thus she let me borrow it for an undisclosed amount of time. In less than 5 hours I now own ten games and have it customized with it’s own companion cube wallpaper. Games like cut the rope, Game dev story and so on now fill the thing.

The two that really stand out to me are Tiny Wings and Game Dev Story. I sat up until two in the morning managing my company, hiring people, creating games for new consoles and so on. It sounds REALLY boring but it’s oddly amazing addictive. The game was made with quite a lot of depth and all the consoles that come out when playing the game are based on real life consoles, the stats and sales for these in game also reflect the real life counter part. So when the virtual boy came out, I didn’t touch it. The game is full of in jokes to gamers, every game mentioned outside of the ones you make are a nod to existing ones. I found it pretty funny when Cheetah Woman won a game award due to my knowledge of Cheetah Men and so on. If you have a spare 59p I seriously suggest buying it.

The second game Tiny Wings is just a simple pretty game about a bird that can’t fly. The levels consist on lots and lots of hills in a line and you have to slide down the hill in order to get speed when going up the opposing side, creating a brief amount of time that you’re air born and soring through the sky. It’s a really good game and once you get the hang of it you can get really far. The only downside is that I only ever play it between games one go at a time. Mainly because you get so far in one sitting that when you lose, your drive is gone. But this still comes to about one go every ten minutes, thus I’ve already clocked a lot of playtime on it. Again, spare 59p? pick it up.

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Sam & Max: The Mole, the Mob and the Meatball (Spoilers)

Just done with episode three, the story seems to be converging between games nicely. I love that things from the first two episodes stick around, it gives a bigger sense of progression when actions from episode one caused things to happen in this episode. The biggest example being that Bosco installed a delivery attack camera due to the child star being a bother in episode one, I then had to find a whole new way to get around this camera in order to progress further in the story. Also I love that Sybils sign changes every game as to what she actually does. All the job roles on the sign from past episodes are crossed off with new ones added. The little touches really help it along.

I’n this episode I saw myself joining the Mob in order to try and save a Mole that had been hiding in their ranks, part of my initiation was to kill people I knew and break friendships. Finding ways to get around these was good and the weighted threat of hurting other regular characters in the story made it seem heavier overall. Again I have complaints about the big bad but one thing did make him more menacing, the fact that his first order once he thinks your under his command is for you to murder your sidekick. The series is getting better and better, I just hope the final boss ramps up a bit. 

There was another nod to Max being all in the mind, when the Boss character tries hypnosis on you and Max, you turn to Max and tell him that it wont work on you because of the anti hypnosis device built into Sams hat since the end of episode one (and briefly mentioned in part 2). This doesn’t explain why it has no effect on Max seen as he has no hat, thus pointing to imaginary status. 

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Sam & Max: Situation Comedy

I just finished my play through of episode two in series one and I really liked this episode. In the space of exactly 48 minutes I engaged in a high speed chase against rats that I made fall down a drain, acted like a rabid dog and let max shoot me, starred in a comedy tv show where I made a chicken landlord eat cow dung, made a horrible cake that I then fed to a man who probably still hasn’t finished throwing it up, got in a scandal about aliens, won a million dollars in food stamps AND a recording contract then made it back in time to stop a evil hypnotic teddy bear from forcing a talk show host to go crazy and keep her guests around until they starve to death.

The only problem I seem to be having with this so far is that the major evil force at the end of each episode doesn’t seem very imposing, there hasn’t been a boss that actually seems worthy of that title. It’s mainly just idiots that I’m clearly smarter than and are easy to lead, kind of a letdown, but hey I’m only two episodes in so far.

There was another hint from the director that Max is in fact not real at all, but the world seems to be free to interact with him so either everyone we meet is just perfectly okay accepting that Sam has split personality disorder and is acting out both character or it’s all just thrown in for a laugh and I’m looking too much into it.

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I was a pretty big fan of the original film and this looks to live up to that pretty nicely, it has a damn good cast as well.

The Apprentice

So today I didn’t play a single game (except one match of synergy at 1 in the morning) but instead spent all my time dossing around at college and watching episodes of the new series of the apprentice on bbc iplayer. Holy crap is the apprentice good, why have I never watched this before? I fucking love it. It’s like “OH MY GOD TEAMWORK YAY!” then the second it gets to boardroom meetings everyone’s backstabbing each other, It’s fucking awesome. I love arguments and this is pretty much that 24/7. In the most recent episode I think that bitch deserved to go, they was all pretty quick at trying to sell the asian girl (Susan?) down the river. I think Jim would be the best person on there so far, he’s a damn good guy at haggling and so on.

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